Interface Function

All Known Implementing Classes:
BooleanFunction, CeilingFunction, ConcatFunction, ContainsFunction, CountFunction, DocumentFunction, EndsWithFunction, EvaluateFunction, FalseFunction, FloorFunction, IdFunction, LangFunction, LastFunction, LocaleFunctionSupport, LocalNameFunction, LowerFunction, NameFunction, NamespaceUriFunction, NormalizeSpaceFunction, NotFunction, NumberFunction, PositionFunction, RoundFunction, StartsWithFunction, StringFunction, StringLengthFunction, SubstringAfterFunction, SubstringBeforeFunction, SubstringFunction, SumFunction, TranslateFunction, TrueFunction, UpperFunction

public interface Function

Interface for the extensible function framework.

NOTE: This class is not typically used directly, but is exposed for writers of extended XPath packages.

Implementations of Function are functors which are used to evaluate a function-call within an XPath expression.

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Method Summary
 Object call(Context context, List args)
          Evaluate this function.

Method Detail


Object call(Context context,
            List args)
            throws FunctionCallException
Evaluate this function.

context - the context at the point in the expression when the function is called
args - arguments provided to the function
the result of evaluating the function; a List (node-set), Double, Boolean, or String
FunctionCallException - if an XPath error occurs during evaluation; for instance, if the number or type of the arguments is incorrect

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